Simply Jazz Play-a-long Series

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Simply Jazz Play-a-long Series

The ideal band instrumentaion for these charts is: 5 saxes, 6 brass, 5 rhythm.

They will also work extremely well with a small combo' (Mix & Match): trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, baritone sax & rhythm section or similar instrumentation.The notes in trumpet 1 are all in the stave and the piano part is notated.  The guitar part has a chord guide sheet.  The charts all have different feels - Latin, Swing, Funk, Rock with melody, chords & scales supplied.  Every note is well articulated and with Jazz effects. Tracks 6 - 10 on the play-a-long MP3s are the same five tunes recorded without solos.

The melody, chords & scales are supplied on the parts. The student plays along with the MP3s, playing the melody and creating their own solo. This section with the MP3s is ideal for home practice, classroom teaching, or one on one teaching. The rhythm section parts are written out - so you can add a couple of horns and "wail" away!

JAMES MORRISON SAYS: “Ed Wilson's understanding of the jazz genre and his ability to explain things in a simple, direct way, make 'Simply Jazz' a must for any teacher or student wanting to further their understanding of this music."

Available NOW as PDF books $8ea +gst with MP3s

Simply Jazz Volume 1

Track & Title sample MP3 File
Track 1:   GROOVE BOOGIE Listen to MP3
Track 2:   DOWNRIGHT DORIAN Listen to MP3
Track 3:   I'D RATHER GO SURFIN' Listen to MP3
Track 4:   CHA CHA CHOPS Listen to MP3
Track 5:   BLUEZY Listen to MP3

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Simply Jazz
Volume 1 Books
with Play-a-long MP3s

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CONDUCTOR'S SCORE (140 pages) WP8000 $15.00
ALTO SAX 1 WP8001 $8.00
ALTO SAX 2 WP8002 $8.00
TENOR SAX 1 WP8003 $8.00
TENOR SAX 2 WP8004 $8.00
TRUMPET 1 WP8006 $8.00
TRUMPET 2 WP8007 $8.00
TRUMPET 3 WP8008 $8.00
TROMBONE 1 WP8009 $8.00
TROMBONE 2 WP8010 $8.00
PIANO* WP8012* $8.00
GUITAR* WP8013* $8.00
BASS* WP8014* $8.00
DRUM KIT * WP8015* $8.00
AUX. PERCUSSION * WP8016* $8.00
FLUTE WP8018 $8.00
CLARINET WP8019 $8.00
FRENCH HORN WP8021 $8.00
VIOLIN WP8022 $8.00
TROMBONE 1 treble clef WP8024 $8.00
TROMBONE 2 treble clef WP8025 $8.00
Eb HORN WP8026 $8.00
TUBA* WP8027* $8.00
SCAT VOCAL WP8028 $8.00

The bass trombone part is the same as the baritone sax part.
The 3rd trumpet part is much the same as the F Horn part.
The tuba part is the same as the bass part.

* The piano, bass, guitar, tuba, drum kit, and Aux.Percussion books do not contain the solo parts as these instruments are playing the rhythmic background supporting the other instruments.