Big Band Minus One

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Big Band minus one Play-a-long Series

There are TWO VERSIONS of each title in the book and on the CD:

  • Version 1 (big band part) has WRITTEN SOLOS for the musician to play along with Track 1 on the CD or with the big band.
  • Version 2 has the melody and solo space on all of the parts for musicians to practice solo improvisation.

You can purchase all of the books or only the books you need for CLASSROOM, ONE ON ONE TEACHING, or for PLAY-A-LONG with SMALL ENSEMBLE or with a BIG BAND.

Big Band minus 1 Collection - Level 3½

The comb bound books have all of the five Big Band titles listed below, in the one book. There is a play-a-long CD in every book.

This series is ideal for elective music exams.  The student would play version two and use the live band or the CD as a backing band.

Purchase 17 instrumental books and get the Conductor's score (107 pages) FREE OF CHARGE. Or purchase only the required books.

BOOKS with 5 titles
& Play-a-long CD
Big Band

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versions PDF

Track 1:   MAKE IT HAPPEN Listen to MP3
Big Band
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
Tenor 1
Track 2:   MINOR RIFT Listen to MP3
Big Band
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
Track 3:   SOPHIE Listen to MP3
Big Band
Trumpet 1
Alto 1
Track 4:   DIXIE DOODLIN' Listen to MP3
Big Band
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
Tenor 2
Track 5:   TIME FLIES Listen to MP3
Big Band
Trumpet 1


Very reasonably priced. (Purchase only the books you need for your band or students)

Big Band minus one Collection Series
Volume 1 Books with Play-a-long CD
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CONDUCTOR'S SCORE (107 pages) WP2206 $35.00
ALTO SAX 1 WP2207 $19.95
ALTO SAX 2 WP2208 $19.95
TENOR SAX 1 WP2209 $19.95
TENOR SAX 2 WP2210 $19.95
BARITONE SAX WP2211 $19.95
TRUMPET 1 WP2212 $19.95
TRUMPET 2 WP2213 $19.95
TRUMPET 3 WP2214 $19.95
TRUMPET 4 WP2215 $19.95
TROMBONE 1 WP2216 $19.95
TROMBONE 2 WP2217 $19.95
TROMBONE 3 WP2218 $19.95
PIANO WP2220 $19.95
GUITAR WP2221 $19.95
BASS WP2222 $19.95
DRUM KIT WP2223 $19.95
VIBRAPHONE WP2225 $19.95
FLUTE WP2226 $19.95
CLARINET WP2227 $19.95